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"A Day on the Farm" is a charming collection of thirteen songs, flowing without dialogue or narration that tells a story of farm life from the perspectives of the various inhabitants. Perform the whole program or pick and choose among songs about roosters, hens, donkeys, cats, dogs, sheep, geese, cows, and/or pigs. All of the songs cleverly and often hilariously voice the feelings of the animals (as well as the human folk) as they go about their daily routines on a typical day on the farm. Minimal use of sets, props, or costumes. Kit includes: book with vocal scores/piano accompaniment/guitar chords; performance suggestions; sing-along and performance/accompaniment CD.

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Songbook and CD


The songbook contains the following:

  • Performance Suggestions
  • Casting Suggestions
  • Staging and Choreography Suggestions
  • Notes About The Composer
  • Music (piano and guitar)



Song List:

1. Wake Up Call: After the rooster proudly crows, the whole barnyard pleads for just “five more minutes”
of shut-eye.

2. The Rooster Song: This song, appropriately sung as a solo, finds the rooster proudly crowing about his exalted position as the one who brings in the new day.

3. The Sunshine Song: This sweet tune, equally effective as a solo, duet, or group song, is about the promised joys whispered by the sun’s morning rays streaming through the bedroom window.

4. Have You Seen My Feathers?: The frantically silly, fashion-conscious hens would not be able to keep track of their feathers and combs if they were attached to them! Wait a minute…

5. The Hens are My Friends: This song, listing all the breakfast joys provided by eggs, concludes with a clever pun guaranteed to get a groaning chuckle from your adult audience.

6. The Donkey Blues: The donkeys literally sing the blues as they whine about the daily workload.

7. The Barnyard Cats: Leering cats gloat about their success in keeping the barnyard free of mice. Place a couple of quivering mice in front and you’ve got fabulous drama!

8. Barking Bingo: This clever take on the familiar tune, “Bingo,” ends in a comical barkfest.

9.LazyAfternoon: Ahhh. What a luxury to rollontoone’s back in a huge field of wildflowers and simply daydream. This song can also be a winsome solo or duet.

10. Counting the Sheep: How about a late afternoon nap? Nothing does the trick like “Counting the Sheep.”

11. Hey Diddle Diddle: This gaggle of gossiping goofs flits from one end of the stage to the other in search of the very latest news. This zany song includes the nursery rhyme, “Hey Diddle Diddle.”

12. Mooove Over: The impertinent cows bump each other along the stage like dominoes, insisting that everybody
mooove over to accommodate their pursuit of the all-important next patch of grass.

13. Muddy Puddles: To jump or not to jump. That is the question as the pigs wrestle with the irresistible desire to
just get muddy.

14. Counting the Sheep (Reprise): This time around it is actually time to hit the hay. But wait! The rooster mistakenly comes out to crow!
Thankfully he realizes his error in time and sheepishly creeps off stage right. Lights out!

IMGMusic CD with Piano Accompaniment

1. Wake Up Call
2. The Rooster Song
3. The Sunshine Song
4. Have You Seen My Feathers?
5. The Hens are My Friends
6. The Donkey Blues
7. The Barnyard Cats
8. Barking Bingo
10. Counting the Sheep
11. Hey Diddle Diddle
12. Mooove Over
IMG13. Muddy Puddles
14. Counting the Sheep (Reprise)

15. Introduction - Piano
16. Wake Up Call - Piano
17. The Rooster Song - Piano
18. The Sunshine Song - Piano
19. Have You Seen My Feathers? - Piano
20. The Hens are My Friends - Piano
21. The Donkey Blues - Piano
22. The Barnyard Cats - Piano
23. Barking Bingo - Piano
24. LazyAfternoon - Piano
25. Counting the Sheep - Piano
26. Hey Diddle Diddle - Piano
IMG27. Mooove Over - Piano
28. Muddy Puddles - Piano
29. Counting the Sheep (Reprise) - Piano
30. The Final Chord - Piano